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Okanagan Bookworks
Okanagan Bookworks
Okanagan Bookworks
Okanagan Bookworks Okanagan Bookworks Okanagan Bookworks
Okanagan Bookworks
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Okanagan Bookworks 10 Good Reasons to Work With Us


Safety Smart! for NetworksWhen you work with Okanagan Bookworks, the following applies:
1. You deal directly with a "single point of contact."
2. We don't take ad or vendor commissions because they create a conflict of interest.
3. Our work is "holistic" in that we consider editorial, design, and production to be part of the whole rather than separate line items.
4. We always do original, custom work.
5. Legibility, clarity, and usability are very important to us.
6. We quote prices by the project for a fixed fee.
7. Production dollars are determined beforehand.
8. We document and archive everything.
9. Production supervision is included.
10. We avoid buzzwords and jargon.


The goal of Okanagan Bookworks is to do great work for good people. We combine objective language and powerful imagery using a logical design hierarchy. Our work considers the needs of its audience first and foremost. And we assume responsibility for our decisions. In practice, this means avoiding some of the trends and practices that many ad agencies and designers succumb to. We make lean, fast-loading websites and avoid intrusive Flash "Intro" pages. Our print work uses legible type and upholds a standard of craftsmanship that reflects well upon your company. And all our business deals are straight up - we don't surprise you with upcharges after the fact.


Publishing, whether for information or promotion, is based upon making decisions. Should your materials be conceptual or literal? Can people tell what your company does when they see your promotions? What's the bottom line on your brochure's printing - absolute quality or best value? Our job involves making decisions about design and content, form and function. But first you have to make a decision about us. Check out our work and read our story. If you like what you see, get in touch.


In order to improve something, changes must be made. As we've all experienced, some people will be reluctant to change - the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" school of thought. As diplomatically as possible, we present our ideas backed by facts, logic, and examples. We don't advocate change for change's sake - but when things can be done better, we aren't shy about offering solutions. Our successful clients share our goals and ideals of continual improvement, openness, and honesty.


Okanagan Bookworks has learned from its mistakes. We've already designed websites with irritating splash pages, pointless animations, and cute little buttons. The good news is that we did this several years ago and moved on. Our real-world experience also helps us on the print side. We anticipate the likely issues that printers have, and we prepare our files accordingly. We also recognize the limitations that different printing technologies (and printers) have so there's no disappointment at delivery time.


We try to keep things in perspective. Too much emphasis on the "process" itself can hinder implementation. In lieu of the typical flowchart, our process consists of the following steps - we'll leave the pretty boxes and arrows to your imagination:
1. Listen to our clients and audit their resources.
2. Research the marketplace and listen to customers.
3. Brainstorm and experiment.
4. Propose, with review and refinement steps.
5. Perform - dig in and do the work.
6. Evaluate, test, and optimize.
7. Document what's been done.


Okanagan Bookworks is a lean, nimble operation, on purpose. We are well-equipped, run both Wintel and Macintosh computers, use broadband connections and industry standard applications. We are experienced working with national and international clients via the internet. We partner with qualified freelance designers, writers, and internet developers. And we always use a proofreader as a matter of course. On occasion, we have acted as sub-contractors for ad agencies. This is an elegant solution for some marketing directors, as they get the benefits of our focused attention and superior services while retaining the name-brand recognition and placement clout of the agency.


Okanagan Bookworks delivers the entire package necessary to create, brand, and launch a product or service. Because we integrate editorial, design, and production, we can respond with coherent and concise ideas. And because we understand the production issues inherent in any print or web process, we create functional pieces that stay within budget. Here's a partial list of things we do:
1. Research, strategy and planning.
2. Naming, brand, and identity development.
3. Copywriting, editing, and proofreading.
4. Graphic design, typography, and art direction.
5. Pre-press and digital Imaging.
6. Print and HTML production.


We specialize in redesigning websites to be faster and simpler. Because we integrate content creation, design, and html production, we're able to build simple, inexpensive pages that work reliably. It's not rocket science, although many vendors like to make it sound more complex than it really is. Here's why we prefer lean websites:
Faster Downloading: There's a valid argument that all of the people who really want high-speed internet access have already gotten it, at least in areas where it's available. That means the rest of the world - the vast majority of the audience - will continue to use dial-up services for many more years to come. Why punish them with a slow loading website?
Easier Navigation: While using space-saving tricks like pull-down menus and complex rollovers "enhance" navigation, many people are confused by these so-called "features."
Emphasis on Content: Most people's primary reason for visiting a website is to gain information. A less distracting design makes it easier to find and absorb worthwhile content.
Familiarity Is Easier: People have greater success using websites when they follow the established, familiar patterns shared by millions of other websites.
Less Expensive: The beauty of the early days of the Web was that businesses and individuals could post ideas and information quickly and inexpensively. That's still possible with our website designs.
More Resources for Content: Spending less on the website's construction should allow people to spend more on quality content, which is the purpose of building the website in the first place.
Competence: Some people argue that building an expensive and complex website demonstrates their company's advanced capabilities. More often it shows that they've succumbed to "feature-creep" and poor project management. Savvy investors, customers, and partners are watching!


Okanagan Bookworks is as budget-conscious as its clients. Rather than asking a vendor "How much will this cost?" consider asking "How much can you give me for this amount?" This will provide you with more information and new options. Vendors will be motivated to come up with more efficient solutions rather than slashing away quality in order to be the lowest bidder. We budget enough to get things done right, without wasting money on frivolous touches. Often, we can find a way to produce a project more efficiently than other firms by finding specialty vendors and reducing wasted time and materials. We prefer to do flat fee project pricing whenever we can determine the project's parameters beforehand. Otherwise, we'll work on an hourly basis and make good faith estimates based on experience. In either case, we'll keep you well informed of progress and always get approval before going over budget (which we rarely do). Estimates and quotes are always in writing, and we'll need a signed agreement and an advance payment before starting work.

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Okanagan Bookworks
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