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Okanagan Bookworks Okanagan Bookworks Okanagan Bookworks
Okanagan Bookworks
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Okanagan Bookworks What Publishing's All About

Okanagan Bookworks provides full publishing services. Everything from project and manuscript evaluation, copy and photo editing, typographic composition and design, through to complete manufacturing. From mass market promotional literature to finely-crafted limited editions.

The Wheatgrass MechanismWe are unique in the West. For both the quality and breadth of services we provide, and for the depth of experience we have in publishing, we have no equal - here, or just about anywhere else. Whether print or digital, we provide a cost-effective solution to all your publishing and media production needs.

We handle all the details to prepare your ideas and materials for publication. Whether you're an individual or family looking to produce a memoir or keepsake, or commemorate an anniversary. Or you're a group, club, or organization looking to produce a fundraising item, a cookbook or a history. Or you're a company wanting to produce promotional literature that makes buyers take notice. Okanagan Bookworks has the seasoned publishing, editorial, design and technical professionals that are capable of solving your publishing challenge.

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The Sectors We Service

We work with all kinds of companies, organizations, and individuals, including:
Membership Associations
Professional Service Firms
Public Service Organizations
Digital Media Companies
Museums and Art Galleries
Trade Publishers
Nonprofit Societies and Clubs
Technology Companies
Families and Individuals
and More

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Corporate Publishing You know your product or service like no one else - maybe that's the problem. Publishing helps your customers gain that same level of understanding of your competitive benefits. A few strategic publications can increase visibility, drive down customer support effort and costs, and create a legion of satisfied and loyal users. Okanagan Bookworks can help you with every aspect of the process - from concept and writing, through design and production, to printing and fulfillment. Whether in print, online, or CD-ROM, or a combination of all three, Okanagan Bookworks can make your information available the way your customers want it. And we can work with you to ensure the information they need to make purchasing decisions is available.

Professional Publishing. If you have always had something to say that makes people sit up and take notice - let us help you create a professional publication to carry your message to the specialists in your area, and to the world. Associations, institutions, social and fraternal organizations, and non-profits have worked with us to create and produce publications of all kinds. For fundraising, for outreach and education programs, for information sharing, publications provide a convenient, cost-effective way to share your message, and influence your peers.

Personal Publishing. Have a great idea for a family or community history? For individuals and families that want publish a history, or a personal memoir, we make it easy. We can edit the manuscript and photographs, provide complete design and production services, and take care of manufacturing. The new on-demand printing technologies make it convenient to produce as few as several hundred books, and we add the professional edge. For more on Okanagan Bookworks services to individuals, families, and groups publishing family histories or memoirs, click here.

In Search of PlentyWe Do Cookbooks!

For trade publishers, local groups, and families.
Let Okanagan Bookworks help you do yours.

Produced for Culture Concepts in Toronto, this book is a history of Jewish Food, with over 100 recipes. Books like this make ideal awareness and fundraising tools for social and fraternal groups, womens auxiliaries, and local associations.

Trade Publishing. Whether publishing your work through us or just using us as an agent and packager to secure a contract with a large publisher, we know the trade market and can help give you the competitive advantage to succeed in this very aggressive arena.

Canada Online

We virtually invented hybrid many-media publishing - the combination of print, multimedia, and online information delivery - integrated to maximize the strengths of each.

Shown here is one of our first projects: Introducing Canada - a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to everything Canadian - which has been "repurposed" many times. As a book for Canadian embassies overseas, and for arriving immigrants. As a US distributor promotion for Molson Export beer. As a literacy-tutoring workbook. As a trade book/CD-ROM combination for Firefly Books.

The content was licensed to the Bank of Montreal for a kiosk display, and CD-ROMs were distributed by them to customers and schools, with links to the bank website.

Do you have a project you would like to make hybrid? Ask us about some of the projects we've done, and how many-media publications can help you get your message out.

We also do title and series acquisition and development - we have collaborated with a long list of writers - if you need something written, give us a call. We also offer a comprehensive suite of services to help companies expand their product lines and market share - such as analyzing the competition, repackaging existing products for new markets, forging co-publishing partnerships, performing editorial audits, or developing new product ideas.

CD-ROM and Web Publishing. Okanagan Bookworks is a world-class producer and packager of content - in all its forms. While much content is still being read from printed pages, this paradigm is evolving to one where certain information is best distributed electronically - particularly sound, movement and interactivity. And, having certain reference works immediately available to complex electronic searches can be quite the boon when trying to quickly find what you need. To accommodate these additional forms of content Okanagan Bookworks works with a diverse group of electronic graphics artists, digital creation specialists, web and CD-ROM technicians, and we work closely with leading client-server database publishers. We also pride ourselves on being technology savvy publishing solutions providers - we pioneered using the web to distribute content, and having created some of the first hyperlinked books on the web and on CD-ROM.

Content Development. Okanagan Bookworks prepares content - text and illustrations - for print and digital publications. We've been doing just that for more than 25 years. No matter what kind of writing or graphic are required, we can create it, or source it through our extensive network of collaborators. Whether it's writing a brochure or advertisement, or putting together a company history, our knowledge and skills are at your service. We can help you produce a digital promotion, and get your website up and running, or reposition it as an effective information or sales tool. From writing to indexing and everything in between, our editorial services will help you present your story, and reach your audience.

Market Development. Our experience in marketing - both print and digital - allows us to provide comprehensive marketing services, at the same time as our publishing ones. Sometimes they're so integrated together it's hard to tell where publishing starts and marketing ends. We've sold millions of books and magazines, direct and through distribution channels. We've been involved in a wide variety of intensive sales campaigns, and love to share our knowledge and experience with our clients.

We Package Good Ideas!

For manufacturers, publishers, and distributors.
Let Okanagan Bookworks help you do yours.

Whether it's a box for a new product - like this one for Tree Fireweed Honey Pilsner - or a unique promotional package or display, or a product label, we have what it takes to make you stand out on crowded shelves. Here's a box we did for Tree Brewing's new brand, Fireweed, which jumped off the shelves.
Fireweed Honey Pilsner

No matter what your expertise, service, or product, publishing is one of the best ways to establish, substantiate, and set yourself apart from your competition. Whatever your publication needs, Okanagan Bookworks has the publishing solution to help you succeed!

Some Useful Definitions

Publishing is a term that covers a wide variety of activities. These include writing, editing, design, typography, illustration, photography, composition, production, promotion, marketing, sales, distribution, fulfillment, accounting, legal, sub-rights, and more. In print publishing, it is the process of turning ideas into objects. In digital publishing, it is the process of turning ideas into light.

Editing is about making words work, about crafting text and pictures into an unified whole. The range of what editors should look for - and should find - changes throughout the life of a project, starting very wide, and narrowing with time. In the earliest stages, editors are looking at the big picture; overall structure and organization. The changes at these early stages will be at the section, chapter or whole document level.

Great Days in the Rockies

We specialize in pictorial and photographic books, like this collection of the first images of the Canadian Rockies, published by Altitude Publishing. Careful selection and editing of images, combining them with text and captions, and packaging them appropriately is something we've developed considerable skill at. Whether history, travel, memoirs, art, fashion, or industrial - we've worked with dozens of publishing companies on such titles. Let us work with you on your pictorial history.

The next round of editing looks at content and style. Changes at this stage will be at the paragraph level. Next, the editor will look for spelling and punctuation and sentence structure. Changes are at the sentence level. Finally, the edits are concerned with the visual aspect, which overlaps with the domain of the designer.

Design is increasingly vital to product and marketing success. All brands are competing in a far more cluttered world than ever before, one in which design is critical to distinguishing products, gaining buyers' consideration, and closing sales. Design quickly communicates a distinctive image, product feature, and point-of-difference. And most importantly, gets the customer's attention. An effective design communicates appropriate messages and brand imagery (high-quality, good value, effective solution, etc). which go far beyond aesthetics.

Production is the physical act of producing publications. There are hundreds of components to the production process, not all of which are used in every project, but the typical production person is well-versed in how to achieve the best, most cost effective results, within the limitation of budget, availability of materials, and desired end result. Typically, a book takes about 5 months from the time the decision is made to publish to the day that it begins distribution, most of which is taken up in printing and binding.

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